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Behind the scenes at the Blue Cross

Sophie Middleton in our Animal Health team was given the opportunity to tour a Blue Cross animal hospital. Here she talks about her visit behind the scenes and her chance to observe the amazing work of the people there.

I have to admit that prior to the visit, I had never been to a Blue Cross hospital and knew very little about how much they do to help animals and owners alike.

Since 1897, the Blue Cross has taken in sick, injured and homeless pets under the vision that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home.

But what really struck me about the Blue Cross is the people that they help; all services they offer are for owners who are unable to afford private veterinary treatments.

Whether it be a routine check-up, an emergency operation, educating an owner on how to look after their pets or even supporting owners who are struggling to cope with the loss of their companion, the Blue Cross offers them all for free, or a voluntary donation.

With their flagship hospital based in central London, just a stone’s throw from Victoria Station, a vast majority of clients are homeless, many of whom are dependent on dogs as a companion.

Currently the UK is seeing record highs in people sleeping on the streets. In turn there is a rise in the number of animals that are at risk of not receiving the correct basic health care they need. Meaning facilities such as the Blue Cross hospital are becoming more and more important.

With the charity treating over 40,000 pets per year, in just the short time we spent at the hospital we witnessed the roller-coaster of emotions seen on a daily basis in hospitals like this.

From the joy of a pet being reunited with its owner; the innocent faces of the cats and dogs peering through their kennels; and sadly the loss of a loved pet which had been involved in a road traffic accident.

In this moment it struck me how, when sitting behind a desk, it can be easy to sometimes forget why we do the job that we do. At Pegasus, we are driven by the mission of ‘Inspiring Healthy Decisions’. This is exactly what the Blue Cross do. Behind everything, is a belief that animals – through their owners – deserve to live a healthy life where they are cared for.