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Campaign focus: ‘Favourite Spot’

Charlotte Anderson, Account Manager in our Animal Health team, shines a spotlight on our recent campaign for Dronspot®.

Worming a cat can be a cause of unwanted stress and anxiety, for both the cat and the owner. Our insights showed that for some, difficulty giving cats oral medication can sometimes leave owners feeling like it is more trouble than it’s worth. 

Dronspot® is Bayer’s new spot-on worming treatment for cats that’s available without prescription. Our task was clear – highlight to all cat owners that with Dronspot, worming can be a fuss-free experience.

Our creative idea centered on the fact every cat has a ‘favourite spot’ to sleep, from the fun spots to the downright weird spots. Spots where they feel safe and calm.

There is a huge amount of cat content online depicting just this; bathroom sinks, plant pots, shoes, and we harvested the best across UGC and stock footage to craft our campaign.

The calm nature of the product application was brought to life further through a poetic style narration overlaid to the film content.

The campaign film is currently being promoted across social channels alongside digital display and print. So if you’re a cat lover, there is a good chance you will be served our ‘Favourite Spot’ campaign in the coming weeks.