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Campaign focus: A tapeworm endemic hits the nation

This month we launched Drontal’s biggest OOH campaign, infecting billboards and bus sides nationwide with a gigantic tapeworm. Emma Lea explains more.

Tapeworm infections are now endemic, but as widely as this is covered in the veterinary press the story just hasn’t picked up traction in the mainstream news.  And as the signs of intestinal worms within our pets often go unnoticed, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind for many pet owners.

As the category leader, Bayer Animal Health UK wanted to elevate this problem to all ‘pet parents’.  So rather than focusing on product sales, we worked with Mediacom to devise a new outdoor campaign that made the issue impossible to ignore.

The execution depicts a simple yet gruesome fact about tapeworms and what could happen if left untreated – that some can grow up to 16ft in length inside your dog. 

We utilised the full length of these large scale formats (bus sides and 96 sheets) to dramatise and deliver on the impact of that point. 

With over 200+ sites and 2,000+ bus sides across the UK, we hope to leave owners asking themselves one question – when was the last time I wormed my pet?

is an Account Director in our Creative Services team. She has experience working on through the line campaigns for consumer and animal health brands.