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Marketing should not be business as usual say veterinary professionals

Veterinary Consultant, Lizzie Erian-Round shares key insights from our veterinary research panel about Covid-19 challenges and what good support and communications from animal health companies looks like to vet professionals.

In the first 20 minutes I spent contemplating this blog, I received 13 notifications on social media and four emails – all Covid-19 and veterinary-related. That’s almost one a minute.

Only one prompted me to take action – a light-hearted post on a veterinary Facebook forum about ‘how to work out your quarantine name’. Apparently a very scientific formula: combine how you’re feeling right now + the last thing you ate. You can call me ‘Thankful Tea Cake’.

As well as reassuring me that I’m not alone in binging on lockdown snacks, scanning the whopping 300+ responses also highlights the diverse range of emotions about Covid-19 among the veterinary profession.

This is what we wanted to find out from our panel of independent veterinary professionals – how have their professional and personal lives changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic? Which challenges are having the most impact? And, importantly, how can animal health companies best support and communicate with them?

We know that the veterinary industry is facing many specific challenges, but as Luke Hopkins emphasised in last week’s blog What does Covid-19 mean for animal health marketing?, it’s vital not to make assumptions about our audience. We assembled our veterinary research panel to help us be nimble when it comes to insight gathering.

Despite only being live for a few days, 666 respondents from a variety of veterinary roles completed the survey. And the results show some standout themes:

It should not be business as usual when it comes to animal health marketing

Respondents were very clear that animal health organisations should not carry on advertising as normal during Covid-19; with the majority suggesting that companies in the animal health sector need to change tact.

Vet professionals’ top challenges are at odds with perceived client concerns

From worries about exposure to Covid-19 at work, to mental health; veterinary professionals’ concerns are vast. And they perceive their clients’ worries to be just as varied but often at odds with their own key focus of delivering an essential service.

Consumption of veterinary media has changed

The majority of respondents reported a significant change in the amount of time they spend consuming veterinary-related content, including a change in attitude towards online CPD for many. Getting to grips with changing content and channel preferences is vital to better connect with our audience.  

Covid-19 could change the future of veterinary medicine

Over and above current challenges, veterinary professionals believe that Covid-19 is going to have lasting consequences for the way they practice and how owners interact with their pets. It’s clear we should be asking ourselves what strategies can we implement today that will help support vets in the future?

For the full results or to find out how our veterinary insights panel could help you, get in touch at [email protected] – we’re offering a free no obligation 30-minute presentation via Zoom of headline results to colleagues in the animal health sector.