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Dreaming of Integrated Digital Campaigns

Integrated digital campaigns – that live across channels and aid SEO and amplify PR messaging – are the stuff of marketers’ dreams. Here’s one campaign that is living this dream, writes Senior Account Manager Maria Bain.

For Merial, we set out to elevate its position as an expert in feline vaccination by highlighting the number of unvaccinated cats in the UK, using an integrated campaign to encourage cat owners to ‘vaccinate now’.

Knowing that feline vaccination has traditionally been a difficult area to navigate, with strict regulations and a lack of engaging messages, we needed a campaign platform that would be both memorable and motivating.  A campaign that would really dig its claws in and speak as convincingly to vets as cat owners. 

Which is why ‘Viral Cats’ deliberately played to the nature of social media and the abundance of cat memes online. With a bold campaign message – “There are 2.7 million unvaccinated cats in the UK, so don’t let this cat go viral!” – we wanted to capture the attention of cat lovers, vets and owners to encourage them to share engaging educational content. This included GIFS, cat quizzes and hard-hitting-fact Facebook images which shone a spotlight on the importance of vaccinating cats.

But we needed a focal point for our campaign – a place to host this content – if we were going to successfully educate and engage our audiences. So we built a Viral Cats digital hub, where owners could access vaccination advice, take educational quizzes and download information about local vet practices.

We also shared all campaign material with participating vet practices to host on their own websites and social platforms. To further garner the support of cat owners, we created a Facebook page and built our community through earned engagement, blog posts and online coverage as well as social advertising and PPC.  And we reached out to online influencers in the cat world to further promote our ‘vaccinate now’ message.

This integrated digital approach created a seamless user journey from awareness through to education and on to action; to date we’ve seen a 2.6m campaign reach and over a thousand uses of our vet practice geo-locator. The success of the campaign has just seen scoop ‘Best Integrated Digital Campaign’ at the 2017 Veterinary Marketing Awards!

This year sees the next chapter of the Viral Cats campaign. Building on our learning, insights and results from last year, 2017  is set to be just as successful and full of even more marvellous moggies.

is a Senior Account Manager in Pegasus's digital team. Her forte is understanding social communities, how they tick and how to engage them with compelling content.