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Pet persona focus: The practical caretaker

In April, Pegasus released the results of a year-long study examining recent trends and behaviours in pet ownership. Since then, we have been revealing a different pet owner persona each month. With June’s persona, we finish the series by introducing the Practical Caretaker.

Experienced pet owners who do not anthropomorphise their pets, Practical Caretakers understand that their pet has different needs to their own, which shapes their approach to pet health and wellbeing. Around a quarter of our surveyed pet owners report that they like and care for their pet, but do not humanise them.

Practical Caretakers ensure the basics are covered when it comes to their pet’s health and wellbeing needs, but we see a lot of conflicting behaviours in their approach. The majority have registered with a vet but they are the least likely to take their pet for a routine health check.

When it comes to dental care, around half will opt for a low maintenance dental chew rather than brushing their pet’s teeth. The majority do not have pet insurance, but over a third agree to some extent that they would avoid the vets because it is too expensive.

These owners do not indulge their pets. Sleeping arrangements for their pets are straightforward, with a preference for a designated ‘basic’ pet bed, rather than allowing their pet to sleep in the bed or get on the furniture.

The humanisation trend is not on the radar for this group of owners; they do not buy luxury food, toys or accessories, and they do not celebrate their pet’s birthday or have pet sitters. They are also the least likely to worry about their pet’s mental health.

Practical Caretakers are the hardest owners to reach with pet health, wellbeing and product information. Only a small proportion actively seek this out, and only half state that they are exposed to this indirectly (the top three touchpoints being friends and family, their vet or television). They are also the least likely to look to influencers for advice or inspiration when it comes to their pet, be that a TV vet, celebrity or social media influencer.

Our year-long ‘Pet Personas’ study involved an extensive review of all pet owner reports published in the previous two years, as well as primary research of 1,000 UK pet owners. Pegasus is offering clients in the animal health and welfare space a ‘first look’ at this study, with opportunities to book a consultation with Pegasus to better understand how the research applies to your business.

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