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Pet Personas report reveals latest trends in pet ownership

Pegasus has released the results of a year-long study examining recent trends and behaviours in pet ownership. The study involved an extensive review of all pet owner reports published in the previous two years, as well as primary research of 1,000 UK pet owners. Heidi Bell, Director for the Animal Health and Welfare team at Pegasus, tells us more.

It is no secret that the UK is a nation of animal lovers. Almost half of us own a pet and our obsession with our four-legged friends is always high on the media agenda. These are emotive stories that are being told ­– from the ethics surrounding the use of brachycephalic breeds in advertising to concerns over the humanisation of our pets. And yet, audience segmentation often still relies on characteristics such as age, geography or gender.

As a leader in animal health and welfare marketing, we wanted to share our reflections on recent shifts in the pet owner landscape. We believe marketers need to understand an owner’s ‘cultural tribe’ in order to effectively communicate with them. To do this we needed to move away from demographics and instead explore the underlying motivations and behaviours behind pet ownership.

The ‘Pet Persona’ report identifies four core pet owner ‘behaviour types’:

  • The Nerdy Newbie. New and eager young pet owners want to be the best owner they can be. They are proactive in looking after the health and wellbeing of their pet.
  • The Selfie Sidekick. These pet owners see their pet as part of their lifestyle aesthetic. Likely to refer to their pet as their ‘fur baby’, they place higher importance on the appearance of their pet over its health and wellbeing.
  • The Good Companion. The older, more experienced pet owners love and value their pet as another member of the family. They see the health and wellbeing of their pet as an absolute priority and have an established, organised routine.
  • The Practical Caretaker. Some pet owners do not anthropomorphise their pets. Pragmatic in their care, they understand their pet has different health and wellbeing needs to themselves but could have a more reactive approach to healthcare.

Expanding on the need for this report, Vanessa Slade, Senior Researcher at Pegasus, said: “We set out to test our hypothesis that the pet owner market is one sector bucking the trend when it comes to traditional demographics. At its simplest, we wanted to understand what makes these audiences tick – so we examined more than seven industry reports and conducted our own primary research of a nationally representative split of UK pet owners. The results were fascinating and can really help tailor communications for our audiences.”

Clients in the animal health and welfare space can have a ‘first look’ at this study, with opportunities to book a consultation with Pegasus to better understand how the research applies to your business.

To receive a copy of the report, email animal@thisispegasus.co.uk

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