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Pegasus takes on a live pitch challenge

Last month, two teams from Pegasus took part in the PharmaTimes Communications Team of the Year Awards 2018. Amanda Azeez, Associate Director in our Consumer Health team, reflects on what she took away from the challenge of the day.

The PharmaTimes challenge feels like it is straight out of The Apprentice. Each team is given just two hours to answer a blind brief. 

Keen to win, me and four energetic team mates from our Consumer Health and Creative teams were taken to a dimly-lit room and challenged to develop a campaign, on a shoe-string budget, that would engage friends and family of those diagnosed with bowel cancer, and support Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

The challenge took on a very personal meaning for me as my brother sadly passed away from bowel cancer 10 years ago.

Although deeply personal, I felt I was able to share, first-hand, the experience and impact it had on my family, my friends and me. I know all too well that when a person is diagnosed with cancer, the people in their immediate circle all have important roles to play.

Whether they are ‘the rock’, ‘the comedian’, ‘the cuddler’ or ‘the fact finder’, each person’s contribution to recovery, though perhaps small, is significant. That said, many people feel powerless to ‘do’ anything and often underestimate the importance of their support.

This was the main insight provided the basis for our creative platform: “Thank You For…”

The campaign looked to bring these varying personas to life and give those living with bowel cancer the opportunity to say ‘thank you for…’ whatever someone may have done to make life more bearable. We felt the campaign would inspire, reassure and give hope to friends and family and shine a light on the real difference they make to their lives every day. 

When it came to the challenge, it was amazing to see how quickly time flew when you get really stuck into an interesting brief. Suddenly, we had 20 minutes to write up our boards and draw our creative (we decided to go old school and not present via PowerPoint!).

I loved how our team kept upbeat under pressure and, despite it being a rush to the finish line, we managed to get everything down before we were called to pitch. We even (just about) had time to work out who was presenting which slides! 

We had forty-five minutes to pitch our idea to the panel and answer their questions. Although it was a fake pitch, it actually felt very real and we really enjoyed the challenge of the panel interrogating certain elements of our proposal. 

Although we’ve not had any feedback on the proposal yet, they seemed enthusiastic and it sounded as though the campaign could fit easily into their existing work streams.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience.  During the journey home, we reflected on how much can be achieved in just in two hours, if you are disciplined and have the right people in the room.  We all agreed that we will keep this experience front of mind when approaching new briefs for clients.

Personally, I felt privileged to be given the chance to share our insights and ideas, which will hopefully benefit Bowel Cancer UK in the future. Results will be announced at the PharmaTimes Awards Dinner & Presentation on 24th November, so fingers crossed!

is an Associate Director in our Consumer Health team and brings a wealth of experience working agency-side and in-house with organisations such as the BBC, O2, NSPCC, GSK and Comic Relief.