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Three ways we’ve adapted our press office while WFH

Millie Clifford, Beth Heard and Milly Gill fill us in on how the team have had to adapt to a virtual press office.

When it comes to guaranteeing glowing media coverage for our clients, a well looked-after relationship with journalists and influencers is one of the key ingredients. When Covid-19 led to a nationwide lockdown and face-to-face meetings were no longer possible, our press office strategies were given a virtual spin and these key changes were introduced:

  1. Media Gifting

beth heardAt Pegasus, gifting samples has been a long-utilised tactic to showcase our new and exciting product launches, as well as communicating campaign messaging or highlighting new research. With the Covid-19 pandemic meaning all media were, and most still are, working from their own homes, this meant we needed to adapt our sampling process quickly to stay in touch with key contacts, while at the same time we didn’t invade privacy by sending unwanted parcels.

During this turbulent time, gifts should be genuinely relevant and useful to recipients. For example, our packages during lockdown have included the likes of Vitamin D samples for the whole family, following updated Public Health England Guidance that all adults should be taking 10mg daily as we spent more time indoors.

We also highlighted some of our key brands focused around immunity (as people sought ways to bolster their health) and at-home pampering (while beauty salons and spas were closed). Adjusting our strategy has helped ensure conversions to coverage for clients on the likes of This Morning, the Mail Online and Glamour.

  1. Virtual Events

millie cliffordEvents play an important role in press office, as we gain invaluable face-to-face time with journalists, allowing us to retain our valued relationships. Events also give journalists the opportunity to try products and speak to our experts, providing them with industry insight for future features and content ideas.

As venues, salons and non-essential stores were closed during lockdown, we needed to ensure that both health and beauty journalists still had that exciting experience of attending a PR event from home.

Rather than filling a venue with influential creators and media gurus, we brought that experience straight to journalists’ homes with a series of virtual events. At a time when many of us were navigating the DIY beauty realm, our events were each hosted by celebrity and influencer experts to offer at-home beauty advice that could later be turned into consumer and national media features.

All of our attendees received parcels with key product focuses and added special touches, so that they could familiarise themselves and follow along with tutorials at home. This went down very well, with journalists enjoying the tactile aspect of the events in their own living rooms.

  1. One-to-one media visits

Milly gillIt goes without saying that face-to-face meetings are invaluable when it comes to building great media relations. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, visiting journalists on a monthly or weekly basis would give us the opportunity to share ideas and update them on new campaigns and product releases.

To increase our contact with journalists beyond faceless emails, we decided to take our usual visits online, catching up for a virtual coffee over zoom. For one of our brands, we even arranged press catch-ups with expert make-up artists, providing them with unique content while finding out about our vast client base.

Lockdown may have tested our well-oiled press office machine but it has also breathed new life into it, encouraging us to reach out to journalists in new ways that will remain even when we return to the office.