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Trend report: Beauty Tech in the Home

The relentless pace of technological innovation has made a plethora of professional-standard technologies safe, easy to use and affordable for consumers, and this is no more apparent than in the beauty sector where at-home devices are bringing the kind of results previously achieved only through a trip to an aesthetic clinic.

In the anti-ageing space alone, we now have access to devices harnessing ultrasound, infrared, micro current, radio frequency and galvanic tech, while advanced cleansing devices such as the Clarisonic have become firmly established as additional steps in our beauty regimes.

Whether it’s permanently removing unwanted hair, treating acne, teeth whitening, or even offering non-invasive face-lifts, beauty conscious consumers are taking their beauty routines up a notch in the quest for ever more professional and dramatic results.

At-home beauty devices are becoming a significant product category. According to market researcher Kline & Company, the at-home beauty devices market increased globally by nearly 14% in 2014 as new products – inspired by professional technologies – drove consumer interest.

As these devices use the latest technological advancements, you’d be forgiven for thinking they come with a hefty price tag. Some do, of course, but these devices aren’t just reserved for the premium end of the market.

IllumaskOne of the most innovative launches in the US comes from newcomer La Lumière, with its illuMask brand of wearable LED light masks. Available in two varieties – Anti-Acne and Anti-Ageing – the illuMask has a photo-reflective mask that uses LED light wavelengths to treat the skin. According to the company, the blue light used will kill the bacteria causing acne, while the red light helps to minimise inflammation. And it’s at an accessible price tag of around $30, so the illuMask can cater for a mass market. Accessibility appears key to the company’s approach, as La Lumiere founder Jay Tapper explained when the product launched:

“Not everyone can afford regular dermatologist treatment. I wanted to create a device that would give everyone the opportunity to experience advanced skincare technology from the comfort of his or her home. We’ve successfully designed these products to make this safe and highly effective treatment accessible to everyone.”

New product launches are driving double-digit growth in the mature skin segment and the at-home beauty devices market is expected to report very healthy growth through to at least 2017.

However, balancing our desire for a quick beauty fix with the reality that to achieve results often requires a significant investment of time and effort is a big challenge for brands. Ensuring the benefits far outweigh the commitment required, and building and harnessing the loyalty of fans is the ultimate key to success. 

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the latest beauty tech which is coming to a home near you…