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Digging Deeper into the Organic Debate

This month marked the arrival of Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, created by The Soil Association to celebrate certified organic beauty brands. Account Manager Emma McKeown considers the challenges these brands face when trying to engage the environmentally-savvy shopper.

In recent weeks organic certification in beauty has been a hot topic. With no formal definition of ‘organic’ under EU regulation and without the guidance from an external regulator, it’s being argued that communication from organic brands is lacking consistency.

Certification bodies such as The Soil Association, Natrue, Ecocert, Biogro and COSMOS are pushing for transparency in the category. In fact, in the absence of legislation, The Soil Association has unveiled its ‘look for the logo’ campaign, to reassure consumers the products they purchase meet the requirements they’d expect from an organic beauty brand.

At a recent CEW event, the Pegasus healthy beauty team heard more about ‘why organic beauty matters more than ever’. Regulation aside, trends in the category point to nothing but a rise in the demand for organic; the organic and natural cosmetics market grew 13% in 2016, leading to a 22% rise in brands holding the certification logo. These figures alone make it clear that consumers are increasingly concerned with what they apply to their bodies. And so pressure for a simplified, easy to navigate category will only increase.

But if one thing has become clear from recent industry and media debates, it’s that increasingly savvy consumers are becoming more demanding. They strive to make personal choices about what they use on their bodies and in their life, but find the search for organic beauty products confusing. 

While the organic market remains a minefield of mixed messages, the opportunity for our clients is to deliver communications with transparency, authenticity and simplicity to aid purchasing decisions. And that, of course, is where we come in.

is an Account Manager in the Healthy Beauty team. She has 5 years of brand communications experience spanning health, OTC medicines and beauty.