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In-house vs agency – 3 lessons I have learned from making the leap

Carly Jones, Account Director in our beauty team, shares her insights about agency life compared to life client-side.

After eight years working in various in-house marketing roles for brands, I decided to make the leap to ‘the dark side’ (as my former colleagues called it!) and move agency side. As I approach the six-month mark as an Account Director, I’ve noticed some clear differences between their ways of working.

  1. It’s a juggling act

Although I was aware before I made the move that I would need to work across multiple accounts, I did not fully appreciate the skill required in adapting to the different ways each client likes to work with its agency partner.

Meeting clients early on was extremely important in being able to establish relationships and tailor my ways of working to suit their individual needs. Pretty quickly, I got a real understanding of which clients prefer to communicate via email or phone and those who want a top-line overview or all of the minute detail.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far is how vital the on-boarding phase is for the agency-client relationship. It gives us the chance to understand which operational style best suits the client’s way of working, and helps develop a good working relationship from the start.

  1. Pulling out all the stops

Working in-house certainly allows you a level of autonomy that you don’t always have in an agency.

When I was client-side, I was able to plan most of my time around internal meetings and deadlines. Working at Pegasus, our priority is always our clients and we need to remain flexible and adaptable to our client’s priorities and business requirements.

Before moving agency side I had no idea of the process agencies have to go through to deliver the best work possible for their clients, even if that means working to extremely tight deadlines!

  1. Smells like team spirit

In my first six months at Pegasus, I’ve been lucky enough to work on two very important client pitches and I’m currently working on my third.

Being on the other side of a pitch presentation has been an eye-opening experience. Previously, I have been the person comfortably sat on the other side of the table, with agencies pitching to win my business.

But the comradery involved in developing a pitch is something I love and I don’t believe I experienced it in quite the same way when I was working in-house. Banding together with a team of individuals with the common goal to deliver their best work for the client to win new business is quite a unique and special experience. The team spirit I’ve felt working at Pegasus is definitely my favourite part of the job so far and makes moving to the ‘dark side’ totally worth it!