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The power of podcasting

Millie Clifford, Account Executive in our beauty team, reflects on the opportunities that podcasts could open up for our clients, especially in reaching a younger audience.

With adults in the UK spending an average of three  hours and 23 minutes a day on mobile devices[i], not to mention the hours of exposure to screens whilst in a work environment, it’s no wonder many of us are now making a conscious effort to reduce our screen time. 

In a world bursting with on-demand content, ready to be binged on at any time of the day, 6.9 million people per week[ii] are now tuning into podcasts to fill the silent moments spent doing housework, commuting and everything in-between.

It means some of the world’s biggest brands including Harrods, McDonald’s, and Marks & Spencer, are harnessing the power of the podcast.

Podcasts offer listeners short, snackable and convenient content, which can take a deep dive into niche topics in what feels like an intimate conversation.

Here are just some of the ways that podcasts can benefit your brand…

Appeal to audiences who are already engaged in a topic

Unlike traditional forms of media, podcasts only connect with audiences who are genuinely interested in a topic. Podcasts allow the opportunity to discuss niche topics on a deeper level where it may not appeal to the masses, making it a brilliant tool to target heavily engaged audiences. Podcasts are appealing to younger audiences who are used to cherry-picking their content on the likes of YouTube and Instagram.

Communicate to your audience with a personal touch

The ‘influencer’ era is proof in itself that personal recommendations build brand awareness and drive sales with consumers far more likely to trust an authentic opinion rather than a branded advert. Similarly, the human voice evokes emotion and builds trust, which is why trust rates with audio are 6.1 per cent in comparison to just 2.8 per cent in display, as recently reported at the CEW Podcast Event hosted by Global Radio’s Megan Wastell. Unlike traditional adverts, podcast sponsorships allow the brand to communicate key messages through the comforting voice of the host, speaking directly into the ear of the listener like a conversation with a friend, rather than a broadcaster speaking to a mass audience.

Stay relevant and reactive

Podcasts can be recorded in just a matter of hours, providing the opportunity to produce reactive and topical content quickly. Traditional newspapers, such as The Guardian, record daily podcasts that deliver content to audiences before the paper even hits the shelves.

Capture their attention

It is not uncommon for many of today’s consumers to be occupied by multiple devices at the same time, making it even harder for brands to stand out from the crowd. Rather than competing for their visual attention become  part of your audiences’ day by using your podcast to engage listeners in the spaces where other media cannot, such as while they’re driving, working out at the gym and doing the dishes.

With all these advantages, podcasting provides brands with an exciting opportunity to let their voices be heard in the ever-evolving world of on-demand content.

For more information as to how you can maximise your brand outreach through podcasts, please get in touch with the team.

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