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Pegasus People: an intern’s perspective

Our recent intern, Zak Mansford, talks about stepping out of uni life and into the world of integrated communications.

I had just completed my final year at the University of Sussex, finishing my course in Business and Management.  Up until then, I had worked on a short project for Ashfield, involving time in and away from Head Office. But when I was offered the opportunity to work at Pegasus it was to be my first experience of day to day life in an agency, and also a chance to see how the content of my degree could be applied in the real world. 

My internship was with the Business Development team for three weeks.  Before arriving I thought that healthcare would only involve pharmaceuticals. But while working in Business Development and hearing the team making calls, I quickly saw that the Pegasus’s work spanned a diverse range of products and campaigns.  It was interesting to learn that an agency could be involved in the whole spectrum of health, everything from Animal Health to Healthy Beauty – and how the mission of ‘inspiring healthy decisions’ could connect them all.

My first taste of the culture at Pegasus was the Monday Morning Meeting, or MMM as the Wikipeg informed me (my helpful guide to the language of Pegasus!). Having taken my seat in the kitchen, I overheard that new starter presentations were part of the ‘MMM’ as a way to find out more about recent recruits to the business. Having not prepared anything, I began to worry. Was this part of the Pegasus initiation?  I was greatly relieved to discover that the presentations were for new joiners who had started at least one or two months beforehand, and instead got to sit back and learn a bit more about my new colleagues.

I then got a good idea of the knowledge-sharing opportunities at Pegasus when I was invited to join one of the regular ‘Brunch and Learn’ meetings.  I really liked the idea of teams learning from one another in a dynamic process which could have spin-off benefits for clients and the business. I could tell this was an eagerly anticipated event within the office, with employees pushing through the door to get a seat.  This could have been due to the thought provoking presentations – or perhaps the delicious pastries were part of the attraction!

The open layout in the Brighton office really encourages people to interact with each other, calling out, rushing around and filling the place with energy. There is a lot fun being had at Pegasus, but you can also detect that everyone is engaged and committed to the ethos, and that was a massive motivation to make sure I did the best work I could. 

Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming. Whatever I go on to do next, the experience at Pegasus will be very important to me and for my future.


was an intern at Pegasus. He has a degree in Business & Management from the University of Sussex.