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Q&A with Alix our Digital Account Director

To give an overview of what life is like at Pegasus, we caught up with Alix, the new Digital Account Director in our Brighton office, to get her thoughts on digital trends and find out how she’s settling in to her new position.


Hi Alix, tell us a little about yourself…

I’ve been working in digital marketing for 7 years now and have been lucky enough to hold positions at several FTSE 100 companies, working on both agency and the client side.

Outside of the office, I’ve had a go at a few different things over the years, from trying to become a professional tennis player to writing a novel, but my main claim to fame is that I went to high school with Ed Sheeran.

What was your first impression of Pegasus?

When the vacancy came up, I was keen to find out more as Pegasus is the leading healthcare consultancy outside of London. I was immediately intrigued by its mission statement, to ‘inspire healthy decisions’and, as I began the interview process, I was impressed by how this statement truly sits at the core of all the work they do. I was also impressed by their investment in technology, how they support their staff and the diversity and loyalty of their client base, which is reflective of the great work they do.

What has been your experience of working life at Pegasus so far?

One thing that makes Pegasus stand out to me in comparison to some other companies is the unity and teamwork. From day one, you get a strong sense that everyone is pulling together. This is exemplified by its approach to integrated campaigns and underlined by the award-winning work that comes from this very teamwork.

What do you think are the most important considerations when developing a digital marketing strategy?

As a consultant, it’s critical that you know your client well before devising any strategy. The discovery stage, where you get under the skin of their CRM, competitors, audience segments and behaviour, business objectives, operating model, commercials, etc. is, in my opinion, the most important part of the strategic process and is what secures a positive ROI from the strategy.

What do you think are the current key marketing trends? And what is on the horizon?

There’s been a gold rush for Chatbots recently. They’re on the rise because consumers expect on-demand service. A lot of brands have identified the opportunity to provide this real-time communication via popular messaging apps, where their consumers are already present and engaged.

One to watch out for is the Internet of Things. It’s the idea that as everyday objects become internet-enabled, they can connect and communicate in new ways, changing the shape of digital marketing. We already have connected thermostats, wearables and factory machinery, but experts predict that more than half of new businesses will run on IoT by 2020.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into digital marketing?

There’s so much information online about digital marketing, I’d advise you start consuming some of it!

Google’s tutorial videos are a great way to learn about their analytics and digital advertising tools and blog content from the Digital Marketing Institute or Econsultancy will give you a good understanding of marketing trends and tech developments. Having this kind of knowledge and forming an opinion on it would demonstrate that you’re serious about a career in digital marketing.

is a Digital Account Director at Pegasus. She has over 7 years’ experience managing digital estates and developing winning digital strategies for international brands.