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Behind the scenes of a Pegasus Christmas

Meesha La Barre, Facilities & Operations Manager, explains what it takes to spread festive cheer throughout the 120-strong Pegasus team this Christmas.

It’s important to get everyone in the festive spirit as soon as December arrives, so we were hard at work over the first weekend in December to get the office full of cheer! Here’s a little snapshot of how we welcomed this season’s greetings.

Christmas party day!

Opting for the 5th of December, party day arrived quickly this year. This day carries with it our Pegasus traditions; mulled wine and mince pies (gluten free and vegan options available of course) before we sit down for our company business update, awards ceremony and the premier of our hilarious annual team videos, followed up by an all company Secret Santa and enough time to get ready for our Party. We eat, catch up, drink and dance until the early hours!

Giving feels good

It’s easy to forget we are such a large agency these days, which can make it difficult to get to know every face in the office. Fun activities like Secret Santa bring everyone together at this time of year. It might seem like a nice-to-have, but these things give us the chance to sit down, catch up and laugh out loud at some of the gifts we’ve received!

Our people give us so much of their time and are so dedicated to inspiring healthy decisions it’s only right we make them feel loved. We sprinkled some Christmas magic around the office, hanging personalised crackers from the ceiling – one quick pull of a cracker and their gift arrived with a note of thanks from Simon, a hat and a rubbish joke of course!

Our staff awards

Each year we have six highly-coveted awards up for grabs, framed around our Pegasus five behaviours; have spirit, think big, stand together, make a difference and take pride, and last but certainly not least the ‘Good Egg’ award for the person who has been unfailing in their support for others throughout the year. These were handed out on party day to well-deserved whoops and cheers!

Christmas is a time for charity

We created charity tote bags this year to support our chosen charities, the Clock Tower Sanctuary which works with young homeless people, and Survivors Network, which supports survivors of sexual violence and abuse, kickstarting our fundraising for our new financial year – generating a donation of over £1,500. But that’s not all, our charity auction raised almost £800. We pulled a few strings to be able to offer locally gifted items, experiences and some fantastic lots from some of our talented team – the pet portrait went down very well indeed!

The team at Pegasus will shortly be heading off on Christmas leave, taking a huge dose of Christmas spirit with them after our month-long celebrations and initiatives. And so we wish you all a relaxing festive break and a very happy 2020. See you in the new year!