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Creativity in pharma

As a relatively new member of the Pharma & Life Sciences team, Holly Willmott, Senior Account Executive, shares how she has been able to stretch her creative wings in a highly regulated sector where compliance is key.

Having joined the team from a highly creative role in video production, if I’m honest, I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t get the same creative opportunities I’d had in my previous role. How wrong could I be!

Since joining Pegasus just three months ago, I’ve been involved in  creating a congress stand based around a person’s everyday living room, an animation that pushes the traditional pharma ‘corporate’ stereotype and several print materials that put a creative spin on the more conventional tools available for healthcare professionals.

Pharma comms isn’t just about referencing ABPI compliance and more acronyms than you can count (although all very important!). It’s about creating new and engaging ways to communicate often quite technical or sensitive messages to both patients and healthcare professionals. Pushing both our own, and the client’s boundaries of what’s possible in a regulated industry, is a challenge we’re happy to take on.

We have to make sure that we’re always up to date, not only with healthcare practices and pharma industry news, but also with target audiences – whether that’s healthcare professionals or patients – and how they consume and engage with health messages.  It’s an ever-changing environment which is evolving at a dramatic rate. Technology and social media play a big part in that, and it’s crucial that we understand how we can utilise these channels.

As we saw in our recent Gen Z report, the new generation of patients expect pharma to care about and promote healthy living whilst also not fully understanding what pharma companies do, feeling that they value profit over patients’ health. Gen Z are also much more likely to use social media for health inspiration and advice, which offers an exciting opportunity for pharma companies, whilst also educating patients about the pharma industry. This not only offers an opportunity to create effective disease awareness campaigns or support programmes, but to build trust and confidence in the industry.

Finding creative solutions to communicate to both internal and external audiences is what we thrive on, and with the support from our creative team here at Pegasus, we deliver award-winning communications that give us a chance to challenge ourselves, both intellectually and creatively and get results.

So what have I learnt in my first three months? Pharma is a challenging sector to be in, but it’s creative, rewarding and, dare I say it, fun!