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The value of keeping it simple

Kesha Tansey, Senior Account Director in our Pharma & Life Sciences team, considers whether there really is something to be said for the ‘less is more’ approach.

Recently I was on a camping trip in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature, living back to basics. And it got me thinking. In a world full of technology with 24 hour access to a plethora of information and stimuli, there is still something to be said for keeping it simple.

The same can be said for integrated communications. We’re often briefed to develop campaigns that have to stretch across all channels and audience touchpoints.

But a multi-channel approach is only effective if it is right for the audience – and the challenge. And so a part of our role is to critically review a brief with this filter in mind. 

Effective communication is about leveraging a single-minded proposition borne out of evidence-based insights. By investing up-front in gathering and evaluating real insight, and using this to identify the behaviour that needs to be changed within your target audience, you can develop a campaign and messages that really hit the mark.

In essence, it is this rigorous approach to planning that helps us keep things simple. If you end up with a lot of ‘ifs, buts and maybes’ that’s your cue to go back to your insights and do a bit more thinking. It’s the lack of certainty that can obstruct the planning process and overcomplicate the end programme.

And our planning team here at Pegasus ensures we are rigorous in our approach. Joe Marshall, Senior Planner, says it best. “A more forensic analysis of your audience shines a light on what messages will resonate, and the channels (or channel) that will most  effectively bring about behaviour change. This analysis may call for a sophisticated content and contact plan, or it might mean a more singular plan. Either way, let your insights lead the way.”

So, whilst I was sitting in my tent, it really did strike me just how similar camping and comms really are. Be prepared and invest in the right kit upfront! It can be the difference between a powerful experience or a chaotic one.

is a Senior Account Director in our Pharma team. With a background in journalism, Kesha brings six years of healthcare comms & med ed experience across a breadth of therapy areas.