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Five ways to prep your virtual meetings like a pro

Jon Buckley gives us tips on getting more comfortable with video calling.

Until a few weeks ago, a video meeting was a rare occurrence for most of us. Now they’re probably back-to-back in your diary!

At Pegasus, they’ve been part of our daily life for a while now and along the way we’ve developed a few tips to help us get the most from these meetings. In the first of a few posts about making virtual meetings work for you in your new home office, we share what works for us in virtual meetings.

The basics – Getting your set up right

  1. Test your set up before the meeting. Launch the platform and check that your video and microphone are working. If you are sharing your new home office facility, a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone is essential. Your office mate will be able to hear you, but you’ll be blissfully unaware of how loud you’re shouting and what’s going on around you
  1. Get the lighting right. How do you get the best lighting in your new office setting? For the best view, lighting should be coming from above or to the side of you. Sitting with a window behind you with light streaming in is more likely to irritate your teammates, who won’t be able to see your face
  1. Get some distance. If you’re using a laptop you need to consider how close to the camera your face is going to be. Ideally, you’ll want that camera at least 90 cm away. Too close and the rest of the team are going to be given a great view of your nostrils, or your forehead. Unfortunately, optimum distance means you need to be setting up a home workstation otherwise, you’re going to be sitting just out of reach of your keyboard.
  1. Turn on gallery mode. It’s great to see the rest of the people who are in the meeting but also to check what you look like too. Try not to stare at yourself for too long though!
  1. Check your background. Did I mention that you need to check your background? I cannot repeat this often enough. CHECK YOUR BACKGROUND. That hilarious virtual background you and the team were laughing at on the team stand up earlier is probably not appropriate to your next client meeting.

In all seriousness, video meetings are great ways to have conversations at the moment. It’s amazing the amount of visual feedback you process when speaking to people face to face and how much you miss it when talking on the phone or to a blank screen.

Try to relax and enjoy the experience. None of us are trained TV presenters, nor do we have professional make-up artists to get us ready for the small screen. Just turn on your camera, get your meeting face on and embrace the new normal.

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