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Tiktok To Therapy Awareness: 2020’s Biggest Influencer Trends

Our Influencer Marketing team share their forecasts for the year ahead.

Influencer Strategy
Simone Stevens, Associate Director

“With authenticity still a major feature for influencers, the responsibility of those working in the industry will be to strengthen research processes and tighten up the justification for working with (and proposing) influencers to clients. We need to ensure our brands and clients are working with the right influencers, and not just with a pool of talent that is easy and convenient. 

“These processes need to be strategic, logical, and backed with data to ensure a fully validated approach is taken, which identifies the right influencers for the right campaign. Both influencer and audience data needs to be evaluated as part of this process to ensure the findings are not only considered, but will also support the overarching campaign objectives. Working in this way will better resonate with the desired consumer audience, and as a result, followers will be more confident in both the influencer and their advertorial choices, forming a more positive and engaging outlook for the industry as a whole“


Pharma and Life Sciences
Riana Horner, Account Manager

“Heavily-edited selfies and designer #OOTDs (outfit of the day) are no longer clogging up our social newsfeeds. There is an ever-increasing demand for content that resonates with the average person’s genuine, ‘everyday’ life. With this clear move towards authenticity, more and more influencers are coming out from behind the filter to reveal their own ‘imperfect’, including their struggles with illness and disease, raising awareness of less well-known conditions.

“We can expect to see more and more pharma companies utilising this power – particularly through micro-influencers who have a niche and highly loyal following – to better understand patients’ individual needs and the impact on day-to-day life, as well as supporting disease management campaigns and, with any luck, build awareness of new therapies or treatment options.”


Consumer Health
Beth Heard, Account Manager

“2019 saw Instagram cement itself as the most advanced and capable platform when it comes to user and brand engagement, and this isn’t set to change in 2020. 

“The new year will see a rise in more sophisticated video content within the channel, with an emphasis on brands utilising IGTV as a way to deepen brand understanding.

“When it comes to video, TikTok is a platform to be further explored with a variety of our charity clients, many of whose campaigns often rely on resonating with an all-important younger demographic. It will be interesting to watch the platform’s measurement capabilities mature as monetary utilisation by brands increases.

“In terms of measurement; following the initial testing of the concept, 2020 is set to see the removal of likes become more widespread for users of Instagram, meaning brands within the consumer health industry will need to work closer with marketers to ensure ROI is measured on more than just reach.“


Animal Health
Ellie Mundy, Account Executive

“This past year we have seen huge advances with animal health and influencers. What was once a scary world to enter for many animal health brands has now become an exciting playground full of the audiences they are most keen to reach.

“I don’t think many of us can honestly say that we don’t follow an animal Instagram account and regularly check in on our favourite furry influencer. Audiences trust these influencers to be honest when promoting products and this is definitely key when talking about a product for our pets, and even more so as people increasingly see their pets as children.

“We have seen a higher yearning for affiliate links to become part of branded influencers’ posts and this is definitely something I see growing in 2020. It will bring us a great opportunity to be able to track influencer data and report accurately on campaigns. ”


Healthy Beauty
Amy Maskell, Account Manager

“2019 kicked off with the news that when asked about career choices, one in five British children (11 to 16-year-olds) aspire to be an influencer, which is no surprise when you see their feeds of perfectly posed images!

“As a backlash to this increasingly extravagant content, the last 12 months has seen a boom in the popularity of influencers who post a more realistic look at their everyday lives. 2020 will be the year of the Body Positive, #Unfiltered movements, with pioneering, cause-backing influencers using their platform to spread acceptance and confidence; this has already been encouraged by tastemakers such as Cosmo expanding their Influencer awards to categories like ‘Disrupter/Changemaker’ and ‘Innovator’.

“With a backdrop of body confidence and inclusivity movements, it’s more important than ever to ensure that working with influencers feels relevant and authentic to your brand campaign. Audience profiling is just one tool you can use to ensure any partnership will be genuinely relatable and well received by the end consumer, prompting the desired behaviour change. In 2020, relevancy will be key when measuring the success of influencer partnerships.”


is a Senior Influencer Strategist at Pegasus. Simone has over 10 years’ experience in consumer, health and beauty comms, influencer marketing and digital communications. Simone oversees a pan-agency team who specialise in influencer marketing.