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What you need to know about Google’s new Discovery Ads

Tom Roberts explains how Google’s exciting new Discovery Ad platform can help your ads work harder.

With the advertising space becoming far more competitive over the last few years with new platforms and placements available to everyone, Google has stepped up its game and introduced its new platform, Google Discovery Ads. After first announcing it in 2019, Google has now made its Discovery Ads available, providing another consideration for your brand’s advertising strategy.

“For the first time, you can reach up to 2.9 billion people as they explore their interests and look for inspiration across multiple Google surfaces — all with a single, easy-to-use campaign.” 

Jerry Dischler, Vice President/General Manager, Google Ads

Google has made a huge statement with this platform, using social media-like targeting as opposed to the familiar keyword-based intent. This allows advertisers to target campaigns by audience and/or demographic as well as keywords, which has proven so successful across all social advertising platforms.

As well as its additional targeting features, the new Discovery platform also allows for far greater reach with campaigns. It’s not just the 800+ million global users that advertisers have access to when leveraging Discovery Ads. There is now the opportunity to serve Discovery Ads on YouTube’s mobile feed, and Gmail’s social and promotional tabs, increasing this reach even further. More reach means more and more people seeing your creative genius across these platforms.

The Discovery Ads are native and in-feed, with YouTube allowing for an additional CTA banner (always helpful) on top of an image, headline and description. Of course, multi-channel placements boost reach even more, allowing for a much larger net to be cast over potential new people. Sit that alongside the new targeting feature and Google has really changed the game for the foreseeable. One thing to note though, when running Discovery Ads, you still have access to all the usual Google Display Network placements, with these additions.

With these new formats and placements that are available, the visual creatives look much like Facebook campaigns and they are  centred around the same set of basic goals. Discovery Ads should be implemented as more of an awareness driven campaign. Allowing the audience to feel as if they are discovering something, instead of pushing something to them they might not need. This process would come later down the funnel.

In summary, Google is taking a cautious approach with the option, wary of disrupting what we already know to work so well on the platform. However, from our initial campaign launches this could be a great option for your brand to maximise ad spend, especially considering the capacity to reach users who are already looking and searching within the Google network.

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