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Adapting and thriving in times of adversity

Corrina Safeio, MD, shares her observations nine months into COVID-19 ways of working.

Senior Change Consultant, Frances Joseph, recently wrote, “There is a whole vocabulary of post-lockdown language that no-one welcomes … one that grates the most for me at the moment is about adapting to “the new normal”… because I’m wary of the notion of settling on one new way.”

This really made me reflect on our agency and industry: constantly changing and adapting; embracing digital transformation; dealing with ever moving goalposts; and handling crises in the moment for our clients. When it came to the pivot moment in COVID-19, we already had muscle memory. We already knew how to regroup and how to adapt. And we have deep and long-standing client relationships that mean we can move fast to maintain, or even improve, our original position.

I won’t pretend it was easy for anyone, whether overwhelmed by kids popping in and out of every Zoom or the stark quietness of living on your own, we have had to adapt at a personal level too. That said, there is a maxim about being able to turn adversity into opportunity, which goes ‘The obstacle is the way’. And I don’t think we can underestimate that it takes a certain special group of colleagues to not just pivot, but also have the ruthless pragmatism, relentless persistence and tireless ingenuity to thrive.

To me, this is Pegasus to a tee. It explains how we keep growing, improving and shining. We have maintained our whole team, received a 4.8/5 client satisfaction score, and met our end of year financial targets. I feel immense gratitude to be able to work in a sector that has never been more essential and where we, as this strong team, can make a real difference.

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is Managing Director at Pegasus. An expert in applying behaviour change to tackle real world challenges, she set up our Strategy & Insights team and has nearly 20 years experience working on integrated comms, both in house and in agency.