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Can behavioural science save lives?

Ian Ray, our Head of Copy, is on the ground at Cannes Lions this week. Here he gives his take on our talk which opened the Health Track at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 

Amongst the buzz and chatter at this ‘epicentre of global creativity’, a bookish little robot scans the horizon with his spyglass from his ivory tower.

We decided to open the Insights Stage today by playing a short animated fable about this robot and his partnership with a blue spirit. It was our simple metaphor for bringing the worlds of agency and academia together to create campaigns that genuinely change behaviour and lives.

The talk that followed was about how the secrets of the academic ivory tower are more accessible than marketers often think.

And so it made sense that our Head of Planning Corrina Safeio and Creative Director Stuart Hehir were joined by Dr Paul Chadwick of University College London. He shared UCL’s validated approach to behaviour change, while the Pegasus team set out just how we’ve embedded this approach into every stage of our creative process.

It was really important for us to show that stitching in this kind of methodology doesn’t inhibit creativity. Instead, it’s what our academic friends describe as ‘generative’ – it can give you ideas you might never have thought of without it.

And so the final part of our talk – delivered on this, the first day of the health track at Cannes Lions – centred on the creative result.

Stuart Hehir stepped through the development of Small Talk Saves Lives, a campaign created for Samaritans, Network Rail and the British Transport Police that aims to empower bystanders to act to help prevent suicides on the railways.

We closed by playing the emotive Small Talk Saves Lives campaign film, and taking some questions from a packed room of curious insights people.

A great start to our first day at Cannes Lions 2018.

is our Head of Copy. He leads our editorial team at Pegasus and is responsible for tone of voice and patient centricity in copy throughout the business.