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Coming soon: Generation Z – The Future of Health & Wellbeing

Helen Pattison, Director of Business Development & Marketing, offers a sneak preview into a new Pegasus research report being released in the New Year.

Born after the mid-90s and raised in the 2000s, Generation Z is set to account for 20% of working adults by the year 2020. To better understand this critical audience, we conducted in depth research to learn what inspires their healthy decisions.

And so on January 7th 2019, we launch our new report, drawing revealing comparisons between this group and their Baby Boomer counterparts.

Our report explores Generation Z’s attitude and behaviours towards:

  • The NHS, Brexit and healthcare professionals
  • Work-life balance
  • Mental health
  • Social media
  • Pharmaceuticals

The report was designed, delivered and analysed by our in-house research team and promises to lift the lid and dispels some myths surrounding the health concerns of Gen Z.

Look out for our launch announcement and your chance to download the full report in the New Year.


is Director of Business Development & Marketing at Pegasus, and brings with her over 18 years communications and new business experience.