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Five Hacks To Win At Linkedin

Katie Goddard gives her top five tips to boost your professional social presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with peers, keeping up-to-date with industry news and raising your own business profile. Use these five simple hacks to freshen up and boost your professional social media presence.

  1. Look like a LinkedIn pro with a personalised profile URL that can be shared on business cards and email signatures. On your profile simply go to ‘Edit Intro’, scroll down to edit ‘Contact Info’, click on your ‘Profile URL’ hyperlink. There you’ll find an option to personalise the URL for your profile in the top right of the screen
  1. Sourced a suitably sober and professional profile picture? Great, but don’t forget your background picture too. Use the background image to bring to life what you do. This could be an image from work or get inspired with images on: https://linkedinbackground.com/
  1. Be direct – it’s helpful to include a link to your website in your contact info. Don’t just send visitors to a website homepage, consider sending them to an ‘About Us’ page or blog for more of an insight into what you do
  1. Use emojis wisely. Emojis can be used to create interest in your ‘Headline’ or ‘About Us’ section, break up chunks of text or as bullet points. Avoid winky face emojis, instead looking for suitable symbols. You can find, copy and paste emojis from: http://getemoji.com/
  1. Be seen – if you’re not posting regularly then you become invisible to your connections. Case studies, questions and images of what you’re up to all perform well. Posting industry and topical news demonstrates that you have your finger on the pulse and doesn’t have to be hard. Use https://buzzsumo.com/ to find some of the latest, most engaged articles in your industry and start sharing
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