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From freelancer to full-timer

As we continue to focus on the great individuals that make up Pegasus, this month new recruit Rachel Powell talks about the benefits of joining our digital team permanently…as well as the dog-shaped drawbacks!

I had been working as a Digital Freelancer for just over four years when I decided to take the leap back in to full-time employment. The problem is, when you work from the comfort of your own home every day, having the option to pick and choose when you work, and with the dog at your side, it couldn’t just be any old place.

With a bit of freelancing under my belt I had great first-hand experience of what life is really like at Pegasus. I wanted a new challenge, and felt that Pegasus was just the place for this, so for me it was a no brainer. Every day is different here and despite the fact Rupert (my sausage dog) isn’t with me, I can’t imagine being back in my flat, craning over my laptop in our second bedroom, and I’m pretty sure Rupert will forgive me, eventually…

Smells like team spirit

What is really evident at Pegasus is the sense of everyone pulling together. It really made me think, “I’d love to be part of a team again”. I think that’s something great to see from an outside perspective. From day one of my freelancing at Pegasus, everyone was so helpful and welcoming, and I felt part of the team right away. That was particularly something I craved again, the sense of belonging. Plus, there are only so many brainstorm sessions you can have with your dog.

Variety is the spice of life

The great thing about working in a big agency is that there is certainly no chance of getting bored, as the variety of clients means that no two days are the same. Now I’m not saying freelancing was at all dull or mundane but going back in to full-time means I get to work on a spicier client mix, and try new and interesting tasks that I otherwise wouldn’t get to do freelancing.

Work in progress

There’s a lot of self-development you can do as a freelancer, but only so much you can do in the time you have – you first and foremost have to make sure the bills get paid. If you’re not working, you’re not earning! I had almost felt I had reached a plateau in my own self-development, I had so much work coming in and not enough time for my own career progression! Working at Pegasus however, there is a real focus on helping you carve new paths in your career. I love the fact that there’s new training almost every week, and really feel that there’s a great opportunity to advance your career and skillset.

Ultimately, freelancing has many perks and for some the pull of independence is stronger than the buzz of agency life. For me, though, it’s agency all the way. My only regret is that there’s no place for Rupert.

is a senior account executive in our digital & social team.