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A ‘fully integrated’ suite of award wins

As the awards’ year draws to a close, Helen Pattison, Director of Business Development & Marketing, celebrates a host of wins that show our strength across all our communication crafts.

We are always proud of our award wins but 2018 has been something a bit special for Pegasus. Not only has it been our most successful year, scooping over 30 awards in the last eleven months, but we have seen every aspect of our craft recognised for its excellence.

Our biggest winning campaign for this year – and ever – has been our Small Talk Saves Lives campaign for Samaritans, Network Rail and British Transport Police. Those of you who have seen the campaign will know that it’s a suicide-prevention programme intent on moving bystanders to ‘standing by’ by equipping them with the knowledge on how best to intervene if they see someone in distress. 

Our pride for this campaign first and foremost is that it has genuinely inspired healthy decisions. 49% of those who have seen it said it would increase or reinforce their intent to act if they were to notice someone in distress and we have had several reports from Network Rail of lives being saved thanks to our campaign’s advice. 

But for Pegasus, it also recognises the power of insights-driven creativity and truly integrated programme planning – the two fundamental foundations on which we build campaigns.

At the start we drew our insights from those who have experienced the horrific impact of suicide in their lives, and we spoke to rail commuters about the barriers they faced to intervene.

Once we had our creative approach, we tested it on these important stakeholders, adapting and finessing our message to ensure it reflected the real interventions we were hearing about.

The short film at the centre of the campaign was produced under the expert guidance of Samaritans and Network Rail and drew on a real life story.

Our campaign around this moving film was fully integrated to ensure multiple touch points including media, social channels, out-of-home advertising and in-station marketing.

And importantly we have been able to measure the impact of this campaign thanks to setting clear objectives at the start and using a mix of evaluation techniques throughout, from quantitative surveys to focus groups to stakeholder questionnaires.

This rigour we put into developing this programme has seen us win awards for our research, strategy, creative, film production, media relations, digital marketing, evaluation – and it has contributed to us winning Specialist Consultancy of the Year for the third year in a row at the PRCA National Awards earlier this month.

As we get ready to hang up our black ties and black dresses for this year, it’s important to reflect that the elements that made Small Talk Saves Lives such a success are the ingredients we use in all our programme planning here at Pegasus. So here’s to an even more successful 2019.

is Director of Business Development & Marketing at Pegasus, and brings with her over 18 years communications and new business experience.