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Getting the most from every tweet – Twitter Update

The four big changes coming to Twitter and what they mean for you

If Twitter has a place in your brand comms or campaign strategy, it’s essential you know about some of the changes that promise to give you more from each Tweet.

We’ve compiled a list of the four big changes and what they could mean for you and your audience.  

Number 1: Quote yourself

With the new update you’ll be able to retweet your own tweets, allowing you to add new layers to a previous announcement, as well as highlight an older Tweet that went unnoticed. You can even re-share a brand or campaign’s landmark moments on their anniversary.

But it’s worth noting that retweets work both ways, allowing your audience to revisit their historic updates too. It wouldn’t be surprising if it became common practice for Tweeters to highlighting previous positive engagement and dig up any unresolved issues.

Number 2: Broaden the conversation

Rules around Tweets that start with a username are also changing. Any tweets that begin with an @mention will soon reach all of your followers, where previously the Tweet would be visible only to those followers that you and the recipient had in common.

With this new development, the convention of starting a Tweet with ‘.@<username>’ will no longer be necessary, as opening up conversations between brands and audience becomes easier and – with increased visibility – you’ll notice a rise in engagement from wider the public.

As above, this works both ways. Along with an increase in brand love Tweets, expect more contributions to less savoury conversations.


Number 3: Richer replies

Replies to tweets will no longer count the ‘@names’ within your 140-character limit.

This is a big one as it not only makes one-on-one conversations easier but also opens up the possibility of wider group discussion, as previously using multiple @mentions would have a very limiting effect on the Tweet’s content.

As well as having huge application from a customer service perspective – answering multiple user-queries at once without limiting character count – it also changes how the platform can be used, allowing more depth in public, group discussions.

Number 4: More COLOUR

More good news, especially for comms teams eager to cut through and tell a compelling story in a crowded newsfeed.

The new update will allow you to share more media content, without worrying about fitting it into the character limit. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy 140 characters of text while:

  • sharing multiple images (max. 4) – especially useful when explaining complex messages in a simple format)
  • uploading a 30-second video
  • creating polls to capture opinions at scale – using the full character limit for your question

Tweets accompanied by media can generate up to 313% more engagement than those containing text-alone. There really is no downside to this!

Tweet sctructure

Could this update be the rebirth Twitter so badly needs?

For marketing professionals, the changes offer more opportunities to reach the people who matter and, when you do, more ability to make a bigger impact.

Now is a great time to ensure your social media strategy is still relevant and on point, and that you have the internal processes in place to take full advantage of everything this platform has to offer.