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Pegasus people: from hospitality to health

As we continue our ‘Pegasus People’ series, this month our new Business Development Manager, Abi Stevenson, talks about making the shift from hospitality to the world of integrated communications.

If you’d met me at the start of 2018, more than likely I would have been wearing a two-piece suit, killer heels and a polished smile. These days you’re more than likely to find me in jeans, DMs and a grin. 

I have worked as a Business Development Manager, in hotels, for over 10 years. While I absolutely loved it, I was ready for a change. 

I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew what sort of company I wanted to work for.  I wanted to work somewhere where the company’s mission played out right the way through its people; where the environment and attitude of the company felt supportive and exciting; and, of course, where I was going to be challenged and feel passionate about my work. 

I have to be honest – I thought I was probably asking too much, especially as I was hoping to take my career in a totally different direction. So when I decided to take that leap of faith, I didn’t imagine I would land so firmly on my feet working at a company like Pegasus. 

Pegasus recognised how transferable my skills are.  They were not short-sighted when looking at my CV, but considered what I would bring as a whole to the role and the company. This refreshing attitude is reflected in the interesting and talented people who work here, all from a huge range of working backgrounds and experiences. Recognising the array of skills an individual has first and foremost is a unique perspective that Pegasus prides itself on. And it’s what creates the dynamic and lively working environment that I am enjoying working in today.   

All of my skills working in the hotel industry are just as key working here – from cultivating relationships; strategically looking at how to expand the business; and knowing how to promote our service offer.  The perspective is different, but the theory is the same. 

However, it’s fair to say working for a very different industry has been a learning curve and it has taken a bit of getting used to.  I still sit in some meetings with a slightly bewildered look on my face while the force of creative thinking swirls around me.  I am trying to translate all the acronyms (like UGC, OTC and SES), and I only recently learned what a ‘snowflake’ really is. I am quickly learning about the breadth of interesting and exciting businesses we work with (and fast learning the correct pronunciations) and dynamic working is a revelation (I am really enjoying having bank holidays off!).

What I hadn’t expected is the different perspective I would get working for a company in comms.  I am starting to view the world through fresh eyes, becoming more aware of the powerful influence the communications industry has around me, and how it can positively impact the decisions I make.

Finally Pegasus has impacted my life in the wider sense. I am actually getting healthier working here – I walk to work, I drink more water (I sit next to the water cooler which is great for getting to know my new colleagues) and my feet are much happier without the heels!

is Business Development Manager at Pegasus and brings with her over a decade of Sales and Marketing experience.