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The Vision behind Inspiring Healthy Decisions

Any time of change at an organisation is an opportunity to reconnect with your reason for being

Some of you will already know we recently became part of the Ashfield Healthcare Communications after some 20 years as an independent consultancy. This followed a period of speedy and spectacular growth for us, and with any change comes a chance to take a breath and reconnect with some of the constants that have defined the organisation.

For us, that constant is our mission in ‘inspiring healthy decisions’

‘Inspiring healthy decisions’ has been hugely influential in shaping our past and present, and it will continue with us to help shape our future as we enjoy being part of a bigger group with a wider reach. It’s what has attracted many of our people (who now number more than 100) and our clients, and it’s driven our success as an industry-leading consultancy.

And it’s more than a nifty tagline or a dusty, unused company motto – it’s the acid test against which we check every new proposal or opportunity comes our way. We work across many different industries with our ‘health first, sector second’ approach, but the ultimate outcome must fit the bill in inspiring healthy decisions for us to consider a campaign.

However, this sense of mission is only sustainable if it’s believed by the people who make up the business. It lives and grows with the team that sustains it. Earlier this month, we held a company vision day taking every member of staff out of the office to talk through just what our mission means to us and reaffirming the place it holds at the core of our business. It was our opportunity to make a clear, shared commitment at a time when we have a lot of new opportunities ahead.

And it achieved just that. While we may not be able to predict where we will be as a company or bigger developments in the world at large over the next 20 years, we have a guiding principle that will keep us moving in the right direction. We’re excited at what the future holds. Join us in inspiring healthy decisions.